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About the PWI BID


Founded in December 2016 by visionary local government leaders, community not-for-profit institutions, and businesses owners, Partnership West Inc. "District Management Corporation” is a 501(c) 3 not-for-profit that improves the quality of life in the West Ward, a “small town” within a big city.


As a steward of the neighborhood, PWI makes sure curbs and sidewalks are clean and safe, public spaces are lushly planted, and current and new businesses are marketed for their quality and uniqueness.  PWI also sponsors lively marketing events to put the West Ward in the spotlight where it belongs.


Partnership West, Inc. is a public-private partnership governed by a Board of Directors and run by a professional manager. It derives its revenue from an annual special assessment on commercial properties and residential properties with four or more units, within the boundaries of the BID.


Our mission and vision are as follows:



To professionally manage the organization so that our core values are delivered effectively to our customers, exceed their expectations, and provide an experience of enhanced value and excellence.



We are a strong community connected to the world at the center of a growing and remarkable region; a hub of cultural diversity. We are committed to transforming this community into a safe district where businesses and residents thrive through responsible stewardship to realize its potential.


Phase I

Schedule 1: South Orange Avenue from Dover Street to Bergan Street.

Schedule 2: Sanford Avenue from the Irvington border to the East Orange border.

Schedule 3: 18th Avenue from Sanford Avenue to Myrtle Street.

Schedule 4: Mt. Vernon Place from Eder Terrace to Sanford Avenue.

South Orange Ave.
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South Orange Ave.
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Sanford Ave.
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18th Ave.
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Mt. Vernon Place
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Phase II


Members Include:

BID membership is open to tax-paying commercial and residential property owners (four units or more), commercial tenants, and residents who live in the West Ward.


The PWI BID seeks to make the West Ward a welcoming place to live, work and visit. We pride ourselves on the diversity of our residents, restaurants, and cultures. Our motto is All faces. All races. All nations. Everyone is welcomed to the West Ward. In order to create a world-renowned community there are several services that we offer:


Sidewalk Cleaning and Maintenance

Our Sidewalk Cleaning and Maintenance program focuses on keeping the corridors in the BID boundaries clean.  The Clean Team works seven days a week sweeping the sidewalks, emptying trash receptacles, removing graffiti, removing snow/ice from crosswalks and generally making the WEST Ward BID boundaries look its best. The Clean Team is provided through a maintenance contract between the PWI BID and Commercial District. Services LLC (CDS). You will know the team because they are wearing green, white and blue jackets with our logo in the fall and winter and t-shirts during the spring and summer months.

Public Safety

The PWI Business Improvement District works closely with the City of Newark’s Police Department by monitoring the quality of life on the corridors where the BID represents by reporting and responding to various incidents including graffiti, damaged furniture, and uncollected garbage among others. 

Beautification, Streetscape & Public Improvements

The Partnership West BID takes pride in beautifying the corridors in the BID’s boundaries. It is our goal to begin to install and maintain flower boxes with seasonal plantings, more litter receptacles, and festive flags that display our West Ward pride. Our partnership with the City of Newark’s Departments of Engineering, Traffic, and Economic and Housing Development, which includes the Planning and Landmarks divisions, among others, helps ensure that the West Ward receives the proper resources to thrive and prosper.

Marketing & Events


The Partnership West Ward BID promotes local shopping, dining, health and fitness, arts and culture, and professional services through a dynamic digital network comprised of social media, website, blog, and the “Buy Newark” coupon program. Our upcoming events will bring community members together in celebration of the West Ward’s past, present, and future.


While the BID is primarily a service organization, PWI also advocates for itself and its constituents. We may ask for more services, changes on an interpretation of a rule or law, additional resources or in some circumstances a change in law with a view of making the West Ward Bid boundaries better.


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